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  1. If you have not yet completed the volunteer application and registration process, click here,
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Note: Placing an ad requires approval before posting. Approval can take up to 48 business hours, so please plan accordingly. Click here to get started!

Best Practices

  • Create your ad with positive, compelling words and phrases to explain your opportunity or need.
  • Be specific.
  • Be sure to include your location, time constraints and appropriate age levels.
  • Refrain from Girl Scout-specific jargon or abbreviations (Journeys, try-its, GSLE)
  • Always use the word “Girl Scouts” not “Scouts.”
  • Girl Scouts should be referred to as “Girl Scout Brownies” or “Girl Scout Seniors,” not as “scouts” or “Brownies.” Names should always be capitalized.

Category Breakdowns:

  • Adult Volunteers Available:  For approved adult volunteers, 18 or over, to offer their time and talents.
  • Adult Volunteers Needed:  Advertises current happenings that need volunteer support.
  • Share and Share Alike: Advertise Girl Scout-related materials and supplies.
  • Service Projects: Opportunities for girls and troops to better their communities.
  • 2014 National Council Session/Convention: are you looking to connect with other Girl Scouts attending the Convention?  Place an ad and you can reach out directly to other attendees for coordinating travel, rooming arrangements, figuring out who is attending which dinners, etc.!
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