Share and Share Alike

Surplus of craft supplies!  Our troop is wrapping up after 10+ years and we have craft supplies we would love to pass along to younger troops who can use them!  All items in good condition–including:  beads, glue, paint, feathers, yarn, markers.  If you are interested in any of these supplies, please email me here.


Karaoke-style DVD. Our troop earned our Bronze Award by creating this DVD with Girl Scout songs. The girls designed and painted backdrop, selected their favorite sons and graces, practiced and then filmed the songs and skits for the DVDs. The girls had a blast! We are happy to share the DVDs with other troops–contact me for more information.

Pen Pals for Daisies wanted!  I’m a Daisy troop leader in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  We’d like to connect to other Daisy troops as pen pals, to help us earn our “Vi” petal by being a sister to every Girl Scout.  We have a flat Daisy scout that we would mail to to the troop with a photo of our our troop and information about where we live and what we like to do.  All we ask in return is that the participating troop complete a questionnaire and mail it back to us.  We have 10 kindergarten girls who would love to connect with your troop!  Please email Carrie Baldwin for more information.