Cookie Exchange

CookieBoothStacks.pngPlease note:  This site will close when the official Cookie Program ends, at 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, March 29, 2017.  

Cookies for Sale or Exchange:

  • Our troop has 8 boxes of Samoas for sale or swap for Thin Mints.  Contact Jessica.
  • NEED S’Mores and Toffee Tastics–Bolingbrook!  Contact Diana.
  • We have extra Thin Mints, Samoas and Do-Si-Does if you need them.  Located on the far north side of Chicago–we could meet in the city or near north suburbs.  Email Melanie.
  •  Our Daisy troop has a lot of leftover cookies:  5 CASES of Tagalongs, 3 CASES of Samoas, 1 CASE of Trefoils, 3 CASES of Thin Mints, 7 CASES of Do-Si-Does and 1 CASE of Savannah Smiles.  Please contact Jennifer if you would like to purchase or trade.
  • I have one CASE of each of the following for trade or transfer:  Toffee Tastics, Samoas, Do-Si-Does.  Email Sarah.
  • We have 30 boxes of Trefoils and 37 Savannah Smiles boxes if anyone needs these cookie, please contact Lucia.
  • Naperville troop has a few boxes of cookies for sale or trade:  5 Do-Si-Does, 6 Savannah Smiles, 4 Trefoils.  Email Christina.
  • I have a case of Samoas and a case of Tagalongs.  I am in Schaumburg and will deliver.  Email Tara.
  • We have Do-Si-Dos, Tagalongs and Toffee Tastics in Tinley Park.   Will sell or trade for S’Mores, Thin Mints or Samoas.  Contact Amy.
  • I have leftover Tagalongs and Samoas–3 CASES of each in Hanover Park.  Email Kim.
  • LaGrange area troop has 10 boxes of Toffee Tastics and 3 boxes of Do-Si-Does.  If you need these please contact Tracie.
  • Does your troop need Do-Si-Does or Trefoils? We’ve got them for sale! 22 D-Si-Does and 18 Trefoils. I can probably deliver. Our Girl Scout Brownie troop’s goal is to raise enough money to do away with dues next year, and to fund a service project with DuPage PADS. Thanks! Email Mary.
  • Our Naperville area troop has 2 cases of Thin Mints and 5 cases of Samoas.  If you are looking for either of these cookies, please consider taking them off our hands!  Email Catherine.
  • Cedar Lake, Indiana troop has 1 case of Trefoils and 1 case of Samoas.  Email Tiffany.
  • My troop has 2 CASES of Toffee Tastics available.  Please contact Melissa if you are interested in purchasing these cookies.
  • Our Girl Scout troop has an overabundance of cookies left over–lots of everything–please contact Melana.
  •  Hinsdale troop has 1 CASE of S’Mores and 1 CASE of Toffee Tastics.  Email Susan.
  • For anyone in need of Toffee Tastics, I have two cases. Please contact me, Jeanne.
  • We have a full case of Toffee Tastics and a full case of Savannah Smiles–let me know if you need any.  I’m willing to break up the case if that helps!  Contact Claudia.
  • Our troop is looking to transfer a case of Samoas, 9 Thin Mints, 9 Tagalongs and 6 Trefoils.  Any combination would help us out!  Contact Jennifer.
  • Available cookies for sale!  16 boxes of Do-Si-Does, 2 CASES of S’Mores, 3 boxes of Thin Mints, 16 boxes of Tagalongs, 3 boxes of Samoas, 3 boxes Toffee Tastics and 5 boxes of Trefoils.  Contact Sonya for pick up or possible delivery.
  • I have some Savannah Smiles to sell if anyone is interested.  1-3 cases!  Contact Kerry.
  • I have 4 cases of Thin Mints, 2 cases of Tagalongs, 2 cases of Samoas and one case of Savannah Smiles.  I will deliver to you.  Christine
  • All types of cookies are available from Troop 65163.  Contact Sarah.
  • Our Daisy Girl Scout troop has cookies to sell!  I’ll deliver within 20 miles of Wheaton.  5 boxes of Trefoils, 3 boxes of Do-Si-Does, 10 boxes of Samoas, 14 boxes of Tagalongs, 5 boxes of Toffee Tastic.  Contact Becky.
  • Need Smiles?  We have Savannah Smiles and Samoas to sell if anyone needs them.  Ambassador Troop 23140.  Contact Christa.
  • If you or anyone you know need cookies, please let me know.  I would be so greatful to help you!  Contact Danyeal.
  • I would love to trade a case of Do-Si-Does for Thin Mints or Tagalongs!  Contact Sue.