Welcome to S’More Support, the Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana outlet that connects people to our volunteer opportunities.

Volunteers are the heart of of this organization, and we are fortunate to have amazing volunteers–college students, parents, Girl Scout alumnae, professional groups–all with resources and expertise to share.

An open-source website, S’More Support allows “advertising” and communication between volunteers and the greater Girl Scout community.  Approved volunteers can post their availability, their skills, and their locations to the site, in hopes of connecting with Girl Scouts who seek their skills and talents. They can also browse volunteer opportunities posted by the other members of the Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana council. In addition, Girl Scouts can access information about service projects throughout our jurisdiction and share materials and supplies with one another.

Prior to using S’More Support, volunteers need to complete the Volunteer Application process, secure approval as a volunteer, and register as a member of Girl Scouts.  With these steps completed, approved Girl Scout volunteers can access S’More Support posting and sharing capabilities.

Access the volunteer application process:

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